Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg talks about his "mission" at Tsinghua University - in Chinese

最近 在 清华 大学 Facebook  的 创办人 Mark Zuckerberg  解释 他 的 使命 。 不 只 连 朋友 但  是 改变世界。  他们的目标是帮连全 世界 的 人 讨论 重要 的 问题 。Mark Zuckerberg - the hyper successful Harvard College dropout - has been learning Chinese.  His American born wife Dr. Priscilla Chan has worked at a hospital in Beijing.   Here he speaks about his "mission" to link billions of people all over the world, including in Africa where the internet's reach is still limited.  He is a member of an advisory board on science and technology at Beijing's Tsinghua University, a leading school and research center.

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