Monday, March 23, 2015

Me & Ted - by Josh Marshall

I have noticed that Ted Cruz - an accomplished college debater - has mastered slur by innuendo - as in "we don't know if he has ties to terrorists...." But now that he is a declared candidate for President it is worth recalling the memories of his classmates, who largely say "brilliant...major A#hole".  Josh Marshall of Talking Points memo had the story a couple of years back. - gwc
Me & Ted
By Josh Marshall
first Published September 23, 2013 
You may have noticed I don't particularly like Ted Cruz. That's not because of his politics, which probably obviously I disagree with in almost every particular. It's him. I've wanted to do a post about this because it turns out Ted and I have a history, though one I didn't even know about (or perhaps remember) until after he was elected. Last year, I heard there was a Tea Party guy running for Senate in Texas named Ted Cruz. I didn't think a lot about it (since it wasn't a competitive race in the general) or have any sense I had any connection to him. But then after he was elected I started noticing and thinking, wow, this guy seems like a royal jerk. And at some point my wife said, "You don't remember?""***
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