Saturday, January 10, 2015

The GOP's Long Game To Cut Social Security - Disability Benefits First

The Republican solution to a shortfall is not to raise revenue but cut benefits.  Deep in their DNA is mistrust of any unincorporated recipient of a  government benefit.  It's the 47%, etc.  The belief that disability recipients are lazy fakers is deep.  It is not overcome even though Social Security Disability medical standards are very tough (inability to do substantial gainful employment).  I know from having represented many claimants they are applied by a dutiful core of examiners and Administrative Law Judges. - gwc
Inside The GOP's Long Game To Ignite A New Battle Over Social Security
by Dylan Scott // Talking Points Memo
Republicans are seizing a once-every-20-years opportunity to force a crisis in the Social Security disability program and use it as leverage to push through reforms, a long game that they have been quietly laying groundwork for since taking control of the House in 2010.
In less than two years, the Social Social disability insurance program will start being unable to pay its full benefits and House Republicans said this week that they aren't going to simply give it more revenue from the retirement side, as has been done historically. It's the latest episode in a protracted campaign over the disability program -- and it raises the question of what exactly Republicans plan to do now. read more
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