Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Eric Garner case’s sickening outcome - The Washington Post

Pall bearers at Eric Garner's funeral
"I'll break you like a boy"  - Michael Grimm - Staten Island's recently re-elected Republican Congressman to a New York 1 reporter who had the temerity to ask him about his indictment for failure to pay taxes.  Today a Staten Island Grand Jury exonerated a policeman who did just that to Eric Garner who did not survive the experience. - gwc
The Eric Garner case’s sickening outcome - The Washington Post:
by Eugene Robinson
 "Police officers, whose brave work I honor and respect, are supposed to serve communities, not rule them.
 The other big issue, inescapably, is race. The greatest injury of the Brown and Garner cases is that grand juries examined the evidence and decided there was no probable cause — a very low standard — to believe the officers did anything wrong.
I find it impossible to believe this would be the result if the victims were white. 

Garner didn’t even fit into the “young black male” category that defines this nation’s most feared and loathed citizens. He was an overweight, middle-aged, asthmatic man. Now we’re told that the man who killed him did nothing wrong. Eric Garner was engaged in an activity that warranted no more than a warning to move along. But I recognize that he also committed a capital offense: He was the wrong color."

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