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Bob McCulloch’s pathetic prosecution of Darren Wilson - The Washington Post

Bob McCulloch - St. Louis Prosecutor
Facts are properly determined by weighing and sifting and organized presentation,  The presentation by St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch makes clear that he threw evidence at the wall, creating a kind of Jackson Pollock painting.  And inviting Darren Wilson to make a well rehearsed presentation.  Reviewing the transcript of his testimony shows it was an affair in which the target knew he was not the target. - gwc
Bob McCulloch’s pathetic prosecution of Darren Wilson - The Washington Post:
by Dana Milbank

"Ferguson reminds us that we still have a race problem in America. But the face of this problem is not Darren Wilson’s. It’s Bob McCulloch’s. Wilson, the Missouri police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager, is the target of most public ire. But no responsible person thought Wilson’s killing of Michael Brown was premeditated. Even if prosecutors tried him on lesser charges of involuntary manslaughter, they might well have come up empty — and most people would have accepted that result of a fair trial. 
 What causes the outrage, and the despair, is the joke of a grand-jury proceeding run under the auspices of McCulloch, the St. Louis County prosecutor. In September, I wrote that it appeared he wasn’t even trying to get an indictment; he had a long record of protecting police in such cases, and his decision not to recommend a specific charge to the grand jury essentially guaranteed there would be no indictment. 
When McCulloch announced the inevitable result Monday night, he prefaced it by blaming the press and social media for whipping up emotions in the case with inaccurate information. He went on to ridicule witnesses who had given inconsistent testimony. He hid behind the grand jurors, as if he hadn’t orchestrated their decision with the finesse of conductor Christoph Eschenbach: “Anyone suggesting that somehow it’s just not a full and fair process is just unfair to these people” who “gave up their lives” to deliberate."

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