Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Peek Under the Rock of Football - George Vecsey

A Peek Under the Rock of Football - George Vecsey: "t all comes back to me now – the disconnect I felt whenever I wandered into big-time college football during my years as sports columnist.  I could deal with the machinations of professional sports. They were who they were -- steroid frolics, owner collusion, ignorance of brain damage. But big-time basketball and football gave me the creeps even worse because they existed under the title of “higher education.”
 It comes back to me when I read terrific articles like the one in the Times on Sunday about how the entire power structure of Florida State University and the tolerant community fell into line to produce a football power every weekend, to the point of overlooking complaints about prominent players.
 I visited Florida State when I was a columnist. I once talked to a player who lived in a football dormitory and seemed a trifle flustered when asked  about classes and contact with students. He knew where the weight room was, though. Now I learn that the authoritative people parking cars around the huge stadium complex were off-duty police officers, all part of the program. ".....

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