Monday, August 4, 2014

An IDF Reservist on Life at the (Protective) Edge – J.J. Goldberg –

J.J. Goldberg translated a long post by Niv Shtendel, an Israeli blogger, journalist, middle-age reservist called up by the IDF for service.  It is an interesting post but I gagged when I read this. I am not persuaded that Hamas uses "human shields".  It fights urban warfare and people live in the city they govern.  It certainly attacks civilians intentionally and I oppose that.  But there is a lot of grey area.  See the Hussein Ibish post below.  Tomorrow is the anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima, followed by Nagasaki.  Was that a war crime?  I think so.  Did it make the American people "human beasts"?  - gwc
An IDF Reservist on Life at the (Protective) Edge – J.J. Goldberg –
'21.) No matter how left-wing you are, you must remember that you’re fighting against an army of human beasts. You’re fighting against people who use civilians as human shields, who drag the bodies of dead collaborators through the city streets, who exploit the instinct of human compassion to do wrong. These are human beasts. But you don’t have to descend to their level. You just need to match the power in your fist to the extreme, evil cruelty that faces you.

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