Friday, July 25, 2014

Watch 'Brave Photographers' Video at the Forward

Need To Know: Palestinian protesters try to block Israeli bulldozer on the occupied West Bank.
Palestinian youth try to block a bulldozer on the West Bank

Watch 'Brave Photographers' Video at the Forward

Israeli Photo Activists Shoot Against the Grain — Win Both Respect and Hatred –
by Yermi Brenner // Jewish Daily Forward
"On a recent Saturday night, during one of the most heated days of the conflict between Israel and Hamas, a group of Israelis gathered in Tel Aviv and protested for an end to Israel’s military campaign in Gaza. Anti-war demonstrations during wartime are not unusual in Israel. They rarely bring out more than a few hundred people, as did this one. It was an event that most Israeli news outlets deemed not important enough to cover, especially when Hamas’s rockets were flying all over the country. But Oren Ziv was there with his camera.
Ziv, 28, is a co-founder of Activestills, a collective of people who are both activists and professional photographers. Documenting political and social struggles that are missed by the Israeli mainstream media is the bread and butter of Activestills. “We try to show things that get less exposed to the public here,” said Ziv, whose photos from the Saturday demonstration show a group of extreme nationalists attacking anti-war protesters. “We don’t look to document things that are nice or that people would like. We don’t try to show this place as a beautiful place.”"

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