Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Suit Targets Federal Court Rule That Favors N.J. Lawyers' Bar Admission | New Jersey Law Journal

Jerome Simandle, Chief Judge
District of New Jersey
Sounds right to me.  Why should the United States courts discriminate against lawyers based on the state in which they are licensed?  Isn't licensure and good standing enough?  I sometimes benefited from the local counsel requirement when I was hired by New York labor law firms, but I don't think there was any logic to it.  It was nice work when I could get it but being admitted in New Jersey gave me no special competence for service in the federal courts. The complaint is HERE.- GWC
Suit Targets Federal Court Rule That Favors N.J. Lawyers' Bar Admission | New Jersey Law Journal:
A group advocating multi-jurisdictional law practice is challenging a District of New Jersey rule that gives N.J. lawyers—but not lawyers from other states—instant admission to the federal bar.The suit, charging the rule unconstitutionally discriminates against lawyers from other states, seeks an injunction against its enforcement and declaration that attorneys in good standing may be admitted on motion in the District of New Jersey, regardless of their state of licensure.Local Rule 101(a) is "an antiquated guild-like vestige from a by-gone era that continues to exist in this 21st Century because of inertia," according to the suit, National Association for the Advancement of Multijurisdictional Practice v. Simandle, 14-3678.Named as defendants are all of the district judges and magistrate judges in the District of New Jersey, as well as Attorney General Eric Holder Jr.
Read more: http://www.njlawjournal.com/id=1202658822363/Suit-Targets-Federal-Court-Rule-That-Favors-N.J.-Lawyers%27-Bar-Admission#ixzz34H8o3O5c
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