Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Our Second Black President?

As the attacks on Hillary Clinton accelerate it prompts memories of the old days - and how vicious, relentless, and nearly successful was the attempt to discredit, and finally impeach Bill Clinton.  Josh Marshall takes us back - gwc
Our Second Black President?:
Perhaps a generation has faded memories. And there is a sizable portion of the electorate - notably, one of President Obama's key constituencies - which lacks a living memory of just what went down in the '90s. But suffice it to say that if Republicans have gone batshit crazy on President Obama, it's pretty hard to distinguish the intensity of the crazy from what happened with President Clinton. Bribery, multiple murders, rapes, defections to Russia, endless would be "-gates" rising and falling like bubbles in the international economy before settling down as penny stock scandals with a permanent home at the American Spectator. There was no end of the Crazy. And much of it was aggrieved and intense in ways that today we'd find very familiar.
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