Sunday, May 4, 2014

A New Book Says Chris Christie Misused His Power as US Attorney | The Nation

Chris Christie

Chris Christie vaulted from U.S. Attorney to Governor.  that doesn't ahppen by accident.  It requires a thoroughly politicized oeration - which the Justice Department's new Jersey franchise was in the days Chris Christie ran it. - gwc

A New Book Says Chris Christie Misused His Power as US Attorney | The Nation:
by Bob and Barbara Dreyfuss
Back before Bridgegate, back before he was elected governor of New Jersey, there was other questionable behavior by Chris Christie, involving his nearly seven years as US attorney for the state. Now one of the men indicted during a corruption crackdown set into motion by US Attorney Christie—and which played out while he was running for governor in 2009, in a way that was very helpful to Christie’s campaign—is getting his say. Louis Manzo, a Jersey City politician, was first indicted by the US attorney and arrested by the FBI, then cleared of all charges by a federal judge. In April, Manzo released a book detailing extensive allegations about Christie’s political and law enforcement career.In the book, Ruthless Ambition: The Rise and Fall of Chris Christie, and in an interview with Christie Watch, former New Jersey State Assemblyman Louis Manzo lobs some explosive charges against the governor, saying that his prosecutions as US attorney were designed to decimate key Democratic political machines and pave his way to the governor’s mansion. And Manzo says current revelations arising from Bridgegate indicating that staff in the governor’s office coordinated with campaign people to help re-elect Christie resemble the “same pattern” from his US Attorney days.“Conveniently, the majority of Christie’s prominent arrests since the 2005 New Jersey gubernatorial election,” Manzo writes in his book, “had struck at the heart of Democrat strongholds and chipped away at the formula necessary for the Party to prevail in statewide elections.”

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