Thursday, April 10, 2014

The best evidence we have that Obamacare is working - Vox

The best evidence we have that Obamacare is working - Vox
By Ezra Klein

"On March 13th, House Speaker John Boehner held a press conference. By that point, Obamacare enrollment was beginning to accelerate. But Boehner thought it was an illusion. He wanted to change the narrative. And so he made a startling claim: Obamacare, he said, had led to fewer people having health insurance.",,,,

Boehner was going off of "claims" and guesstimates. He admits as much in his answer: This is what he "believes," not what he knows. But a new report from the Rand Corporation gives us a fuller picture than ever before. And so now we know: John Boehner was wrong.
1) 9.3 million more people have health insurance
Washington has been tracking enrollment in Obamacare's exchanges and, less precisely, in Medicaid. The Rand study uses a nationally representative sample to track vastly more data: They know roughly how many people were buying insurance from their employers, from insurers, and much more. They also know how many people were losing insurance, either through cancellations, or because employers were dropping them, or because they just stopped paying premiums.
Add all the gains and all the losses together and you get Rand's bottom line: 14.5 million people gained coverage, 5.2 million people lost coverage, and so the net change since 2013 was 9.3 million people getting health insurance.
2) An unexpected Obamacare success: More employer coverage,,,

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