Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Threat to the Palisades - Four Past Governors of New Jersey- NYTimes.com

Wow.  Four past governors of New Jersey in a Times Op-Ed call

on LG to abandon its (already approved) high rise headquarters design because it will mar the famous view of the Hudson River Palisades.  It is a NIMBY issue for me because I bought our apartment because of the view you see in the photos above. In the center of the frames would be LG's steel and glass tower unless the Appellate Division finds the heart to nix their plan. - gwc
The Threat to the Palisades - NYTimes.com:
by Brendan Byrne, Thomas Kean, Sr., James Florio, and Christine Todd Whitman

THE Palisades, a treasured American landmark, are under threat. The consumer electronics maker LG Electronics USA is preparing to construct a towering headquarters building along the Hudson River north of the George Washington Bridge, breaking the natural sweep of parkland and scenic vistas.
The project would set an unfortunate precedent for the construction of more high-rises along the ancient cliffs. But despite mounting public concern, this global manufacturer of TVs and appliances has refused to consider alternative designs that would preserve the historic setting.
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