Friday, March 14, 2014

Surgeon General Nomination Threatened by National Rifle Association

Otherwise rational people become irrational when the American myth of armed self defense is questioned.  If you don't think gun violence is a public health issue in the United States you must be off the grid entirely.  Physicians with such a perspective sparked the movement to make cars safer sixty years ago.  Dr. Vivek Murthy, the President's nominee for Surgeon General similarly sees gun control as an important issue.

But the tribal resistance in largely rural states appears on the verge of bringing down his nomination.  The Times reports that
Senate aides said Friday that as many as 10 Democrats are believed to be considering a vote against Dr. Murthy, who has voiced support for various gun control measures like an assault weapons ban, mandatory safety training and ammunition sales limits.
The troubled nomination is the latest setback for a president who has struggled to get his nominees past members of his own party, even after Democrats changed filibuster rules to prevent repeated Republican blockades of Mr. Obama’s choices for cabinet jobs. Dr. Murthy is one of four nominees who has run into trouble this month after some Democrats have balked.

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