Monday, March 24, 2014

Report Estimates Half of Vets on GI Bill Graduate -

This is good news.  51.7% is a very respectable graduation rate.  I would like to think that it will be used to support the idea of providing more support to older college students.  Unfortunately many will draw the line at Vets because they are deserving.  True - but everyone deserves a chance.  - GWC
Report Estimates Half of Vets on GI Bill Graduate - — A new report estimates that a little more than half of veterans who got college money under the GI Bill since 2009 eventually graduated, though many took longer to do it.
The report says the estimated vet graduation rate of 51.7 percent is slightly lower than traditional college students but higher than veterans' non-traditional peers — that is, other students who also tend to be older and have families and jobs.
The yearlong study was done by Student Veterans of America, an advocacy group, with help from the Veterans Affairs Department and the National Student Clearinghouse.
Officials say it's the most comprehensive study to date on graduation rates among vets under the GI Bill program, which has spent nearly $35 billion since 2009.

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