Saturday, March 29, 2014

Paul Griffiths on Richard Rodriguez -

Thanks to Michael Perry who posted on Religious Left Law blog the Paul Griffiths (Duke) review of essayist Richard Rodriguez's book Darlings - a collection of meditations on being Catholic and Mexican and homosexual and American after 9/11. The review, titled Ulterior Lives, revealed Rodriguez and the reviewer to me. A particular pleasure is that this eloquent and generous piece appeared in First Things- a venue I am accustomed to spurning as the home of the willfully regressive. The excerpt below is essentially dust jacket copy. To get the magic you have to read the review - link below. - gwc
Paul Griffiths on Richard Rodriguez -
What kind of Catholic is ­Rodriguez? He is, by the account of this book (a more detailed account of his raising and formation can be had from Hunger of Memory and Days of Obligation) a regular Mass-goer; a lover of the Church; one who intends to stay in and with the Church until death; one who rarely goes to confession (he notes a thirty-two-year span when he did not go at all); one who loves the Sisters of Mercy, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (a ­gay-transvestite group that performs corporal works of mercy while also publicly mocking the Church), and Mother Teresa; and one who has deep and principled disagreements with some of the Church’s doctrinal positions on the nature and place of women, and on the acceptability of homosexual acts and the loves that accompany them. More important than all this, informing and subtending all this, is that he is the kind of Catholic who understands, represents, and tries to respond to the love of the Lord in a devastated world of pain.

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