Monday, March 24, 2014

Amid Wave of Pro-Gun Legislation, Georgia Proposes Sweeping Law -

State Representative Alan Powell, a Republican, celebrated after a gun bill was passed on the last day of the legislative session on Thursday in Atlanta.
I can't imagine how this man can be so gleeful at this accomplishment - passage of a guns everywhere bill.  I feel like we are living in some version of Day of the Triffids. The gun has become a talisman of some sort.  - gwc
Amid Wave of Pro-Gun Legislation, Georgia Proposes Sweeping Law -
by Herbert Buchsbaum

"ATLANTA — Pro- and anti-gun forces do not agree on much, but they do agree on the breathtaking sweep of the Georgia legislation allowing guns in bars, schools, restaurants, churches and airports that is now awaiting the signature of Gov. Nathan Deal. Americans for Responsible Solutions, founded by Gabrielle Giffords, the former Arizona congresswoman who was critically wounded in a mass shooting in 2011, calls it “the most extreme gun bill in America” and the “guns everywhere” legislation. The National Rifle Association, which lobbied for the bill, calls it “the most comprehensive pro-gun” bill in recent state history, and described the vote at the Capitol on Thursday as “a historic victory for the Second Amendment.”"

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  1. Liberals will have an easier time understanding America's acknowledgement of the importance of the "Right to Bear Arms" to freedom and tolerance of others, if they would stop anthropomorphizing weapons into self controlling 'metapersons.' They are simply tools that make defense of self and others possible and peaceable, not comfort objects like petuala oil and incense burners, or "Obama 08" and "COEXIST" bumper stickers.