Thursday, February 13, 2014

Democracy in action, kinda | xpostfactoid

So 28 Republicans voted for the "clean" bill to increase the national debt.  A vote most of the 226 House Republicans favor, we assume, because they can't actually imagine forcing the United States to default on its debts.  But surely they don't really "want" to increase the debt.  It's just that they want weapons, prisons, and even Social Security, and Medicare.  Just not more than that.  So is this democracy? "Kinda" says Andrew Sprung. - gwc
Democracy in action, kinda | xpostfactoid:
So yes, our political system is dysfunctional, in that it can't pass legislation that in some cases a clear majority of reps in both houses of Congress would like to pass. The dysfunction is  a product of divided government, polarized districts, our constitutional "triple veto" on legislation, self-imposed House and Senate rules, a yellow media that inflames the right, a corrupt campaign finance system, residual racism, and inherited distrust of government.  But it ain't exactly undemocratic.

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