Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Supreme People’s Court Encourages the Masses to go to court // SPC Monitor

Supreme People's Court front gate, Beijing
The Supreme People’s Court Encourages the Masses to Leave the Streets and Go Into the Courtroom: week ending 27 December | Supreme People's Court Monitor: by Susan Finder

In the last full week of the year, China;s Supreme People's Court called on the masses to “believe in law, not petitioning” (信法不信访). To that end, the Court leadership publicized on Wechat (and through the press) two initiatives:
Focusing on enforcement of 10 types of disputes affecting the livelihood of ordinary people (涉民生案件) that it identifies as most likely to cause social disturbances;
Its views on the draft Administrative Litigation Law (行政诉讼法), shortly before the National People’s Congress issued its draft for public consultation.

In a five month initiative launched by telephone conference (a form of communication often used by the Communist Party), the Court is focusing on the enforcement of judgments in the following areas:
unpaid wages(particularly owed to migrant workers);
  • support payments (to the elderly); 
  • child support; 
  • alimony; 
  • compensation payments (to the disabled or families of the deceased) 
  • medical malpractice compensation; 
  • traffic accident compensation; and 
  • industrial accidents. 

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