Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christie's Bridge to the White House Has a Traffic Jam - Albert Hunt // Bloomberg

Christie's Bridge to the White House Has a Traffic Jam - Bloomberg: 
by Albert Hunt
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's presidential aspirations have been dealt a serious blow by revelations today showing that his office purposefully closed traffic, creating a terrible logjam, to retaliate against a northern New Jersey mayor for not endorsing the governor during his re-election campaign.
The e-mails, disclosed by New Jersey media outlets and the New York Times, show that Christie didn't tell the truth when he said no one in his office knew about the lane closures. In fact, the closures were ordered by his staff weeks before they occurred, after the non-endorsement. His deputy chief of staff, Bridget Anne Kelly, comes across in the e-mails as a thug, gloating about the inconvenience the traffic jams were causing children, and the missives show Christie, or at least his staff, as heavy-handed, vengeful New Jersey politicians, an image that won't be attractive in other parts of America.
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