Thursday, January 16, 2014

A plea to cast aside Korematsu : SCOTUSblog

I am proud of my fellow student of Howard Zinn - Peter Irons.  He is a key mover of the petition to Solicitor General Donald Verrilli to press the Supreme Court  to repudiate its notorious decision in Korematsu v. U.S.  That decision upheld the shameful detention of Japanese Americans without cause in World War II.  In his audio/book May It Please the Court Irons did ground-breaking work opening the Court's processes via his unauthorized transcription and copying of tapes of arguments before the high court in a string of landmark cases.  - GWC
A plea to cast aside Korematsu : SCOTUSblog
Lawyers who worked for years — ultimately successfully — to clear the names of U.S. citizens of Japanese ancestry who were convicted of violating government detention policy during World War II are trying to persuade the Obama administration to join in wiping off the books the Supreme Court rulings of that time, upholding those detentions.  The most famous of those rulings – often reviled – was the 1944 decision in Korematsu v. U.S.The lawyers did so in a letter last week to U.S. Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli, Jr., attempting to shape the government’s response to a new Supreme Court appeal that attacks the Korematsudecision.  They want the government to formally repudiate that precedent, and tell the Court that it is no part of the justification today for detention of U.S. citizens during the war on terrorism.The new case is Hedges, et al., v. Obama, et al. (docket 13-758), an attempt to revive a constitutional challenge to Congress’s recent support of presidential power to detain suspected terrorists.
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