Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Florida Democratic Party Calls For Rep. Trey Radel's Resignation

It is irresistible, I suppose,  for the opposition party to call for the resignation of a Congressman who invited an undercover over to his place to do some coke.  Rep. Trey Radel (R-FL) has pled guilty to the charge of possession of cocaine in D.C.  He has a history as a `party animal' and has admitted to suffering from "the disease of alcoholism".  Obviously he is not doing very well in managing all that.  But assertions that he has "embarrassed" the District, etc. aren't enough in my mind to compel resignation.  he should resign if his alcoholism and drug dependence are interfering with his ability to competently represent his constituents.
In New Jersey a few years back the Supreme Court modified its stand which required suspension in such cases.  But since attorney Anthony Filomeno had been exemplary in his rehab efforts, the Court modified its practice  If you can practice law as a recovering addict, I think a fortiori you can represent your constituents in Congress. The Democrats have a snowball's chance in hell in that District, so their call for resignation is a cheap shot, I think. - GWC
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