Friday, November 29, 2013

Abortion, Birth Control Rulings Tilted Democrats Against the Filibuster -

The Texas abortion clinic shutdowns and the Gilardi ruling in the D.C. striking the mandatory contraceptive coverage requirement for private businesses owned by Catholics drove Democrats to say now or never.  They changed the Senate rules to prevent a conservative lock on the federal judiciary.  I hope it's not too little too late. - GWC
Abortion Cases in Court Helped Tilt Democrats Against the Filibuster - by Jeremy Peters

WASHINGTON — Within hours of each other, two federal appeals courts handed down separate decisions that affirmed sharp new limits on abortion and birth controlOne on Oct. 31 forced abortion clinics across Texas to close. The other, on Nov. 1, compared contraception to “a grave moral wrong” and sided with businesses that refused to provide it in health care coverage
   Very quickly and unexpectedly, abortion and contraceptive rights became the decisive factor in the filibuster fight. First there were the two coincidentally timed decisions out of Texas and Washington. Then momentum to change the rules reached a critical mass when Senator Barbara Boxer, Democrat of California and a defender of abortion rights, decided to put aside her misgivings, in large part because the recent court action was so alarming to her, Democrats said. 'via Blog this'

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