Monday, October 7, 2013

In Conversation With Antonin Scalia -- New York Magazine

In Conversation With Antonin Scalia -- New York Magazine:
by Jennifer Senior
Justice Scalia with characteristic bluntness expresses himself.
Hi bravest opinion?  Not recusing himself in the VP Cheney case.
He gets along with Ruth Ginsburg because his "expectations are low".  It's harder when someone you generally agree with goes over to the "dark side". 
He agrees that Anthony Kennedy is the Thurgood Marshall of gay rights.  Personally he knows people who are or almost surely are homosexual, but none has ever "come out" to him.  He's sure none of his nine kids is.
He reads the Washington Times, the WSJ, and listens to Bill Bennett's talk show while shaving.
The country is going to hell, you can't even watch a movie or a television show without hearing the `F' word or seeing a "nude sex scene".  I guess he really doesn't watch any TV.

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