Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Empty justice in New Jersey's courts: Opinion |

It's even worse than you think.  Governor Chris Christie is a youtube heavy hitter, and local hero "down the shore" but he's no friend of the courts. - gwc
Empty justice in New Jersey's courts: Opinion |
by Thomas P. Zampino
[retired judge of the Suprerior Court of New Jersey]
One of my favorite Brendan Byrne jokes is that he realized he was no longer governor when he got into the back seat of his car and it didn’t move because there was no longer a driver.But sadly, if he would have walked into the courthouse, he would alarmingly have found the courtrooms to be empty because there are so few judges to fill them. There are more than 50 judges required for Essex County, yet there are more than 25 vacancies that remain. In Family Court alone, where 20 judges were previously assigned, there are now eight judges for 41,000 cases.

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