Tuesday, October 8, 2013

David Frum: Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Political Parties - The Daily Beast

Supporters cheer as former Republican presidential candidate, businessman Herman Cain, speaks during a Unity Rally Sunday Aug. 26, 2012
hysteria typifies the white people's party
Former speech writer for George W. Bush David Frum (did he give us axis of evil??) is a rational Republican.  Alarmed by the Tea Party, he comments on the current crisis created by Tea Party obstructionism. Of course their unity has also brought them wins.  The sequester was supposed to be intolerable for both liberals and conservatives.  Turns out not so.  There is nothing more important to conservatives than cutting government - even the parts they tend to like such as soldiers and weapons. - GWC
Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Political Parties - The Daily Beast:
by David Frum Oct 8, 2013 
When it comes to major policy battles, since 2009 the GOP is 0-3. Before it fails again, David Frum offers up seven ways the party is shooting itself in the foot."
(1) The fight over Obamacare. Result: the most ambitious new social insurance program since Medicare, financed—unlike Medicare—by redistributive new taxes on investment and high incomes.
(2) The 2012 election. Result: Despite the worst economy since the Great Depression, the reelection of President Obama, Democratic retention of the Senate, and 1.4 million more votes cast for House Democrats than for House Republicans.
(3) The fight over the “fiscal cliff” at the end of 2012. Result: In order to preserve some of the Bush tax cuts, Republicans for the first time since 1991 left their finger prints on a tax increase for upper income groups.

Now comes fight (4), the fight over the government shutdown and the debt ceiling. 

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