Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Street Vendor’s Execution Stirs Anger in China -

a painting by the son of executed street vendor Xia Junfeng
Chinese censors were busy trying to suppress the charter on weibo - China's twitter as many objected to the execution of Xia Jun Feng 夏俊峰 a street vendor who killed two government inspectors, many comparing it to the life sentence meted out to former CP leader BoXilai.  Our experience is that the disparities in the death penalty will never be eliminated.  It's randomness is a principal reason capital punishment should be abolished. - GWC
Street Vendor’s Execution Stirs Anger in China -
"BEIJING — There was never any doubt that Xia Junfeng was a killer: Four years ago, in a flash of panic and fear, he stabbed to death two urban enforcement officials who had sought to punish him for operating an unlicensed shish kebab stall.  On Wednesday morning, Mr. Xia, a laid-off factory worker and father of a 13-year-old boy, was put to death in the northeastern Chinese province of Liaoning." 'via Blog this'

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