Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Don't shut down government, end default brinksmanship- U.S. Chamber of Commerce

It's not easy being a Republican business leader since you actually have to ask what is good for business, rather than what makes you feel good - like denouncing Obamacare which has become an obsession on the right.  - gwc H.J. Res. 59, “Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2014” | U.S. Chamber of Commerce:
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce fully recognizes the importance of restraining federal spending, both discretionary spending and mandatory spending, to reduce federal budget deficits, contain the growth of federal debt, and thereby re-establish fiscal discipline in the near-term and for the long haul. However, as the Department of Labor’s recent lackluster jobs report reminds us, the U.S. economy continues to underperform, reinforcing the need for the federal government to preserve its normal operations pending a successful outcome of broader budgetary reforms. It is not in the best interest of the U.S. business community or the American people to risk even a brief government shutdown that might trigger disruptive consequences or raise new policy uncertainties washing over the U.S. economy. Likewise, the U.S. Chamber respectfully urges the House of Representatives to raise the debt ceiling in a timely manner and thus eliminate any question of threat to the full faith and credit of the United States government. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew has indicated the Treasury may exhaust its borrowing capacity and cash management tools as early as mid-October.
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