Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Robot translations

Mr. China - Liam Casey
We expect computers to sound like R2D2 or Trekkies.  But they're not ready for that.  Here is a translation from Chinese to English to Chinese and then back to English. h/t James Fallows

Mr. China Goes to San Francisco," with gracious references to the ongoing Atlantic chronicles of the activities of Mr. China. It also explains Casey's current ambitions for the center, and in general:

A teetotaling Irishman, the inexhaustible Casey ostensibly lives in a hotel [JF: the Four Points Sheraton] in downtown Shenzhen but is nearly always in the air. He and his cross-cultural team make nearly all the accessories you can imagine for multiple vendors. You couldn't point a finger in a Best Buy without hitting a product PCH builds.
He envisions his new building as a gateway to China and a way to help clients - and the public - understand the vagaries of mass manufacturing.MrPorcelain.png

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