Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gavel Grab » Editorial: Pennsylvania Justices ‘Meddling’ with Retirement Clause

Pennsylvania C.J. Ronald Castille, 69
I am sympathetic to raising the mandatory retirement age of 70, now that I am approaching it. The New Jersey Law Journal Editorial Board - on which I serve - supports the rise, though it would take a constitutional amendment there.  And it's not because I have the bench in mind.  I dn't.  I'm admitted ionly in Jersey but live in new York - an automatic disqualifier. - GWC Gavel Grab » Editorial: Pennsylvania Justices ‘Meddling’ with Retirement Clause: "The Pennsylvania Constitution dictates that state judges must retire at the age of 70. The Supreme Court seems inspired to change this law in the not-so-distant future, a Philadelphia Inquirer editorial suggests. On May 8, the justices will hold arguments on a challenge to the state’s law (see Gavel Grab). Since Chief Justice Ronald Castille (photo), who is 69 years old, plans to run again for retention election this year, it’s easy to see why they are eager to take up the case, states a Philadelphia Inquirer editorial. Besides Castille, three other Pennsylvania justices will be turning 70 over the next five years. This seems to be yet another instance of the state’s high court “moving aggressively” to “meddle” in a case of direct personal interest, the editorial argues. The law may have been established many years ago, but the editorial pushes for changing it through the constitutional amendment process instead. Currently, there is a bill pending in the state House that would raise the retirement age to 75. Another proposed bill in the Senate would end forced retirement of state judges altogether." 'via Blog this'

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