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Abraham Lincoln: African Americans secured their own liberation | xpostfactoid

Andrew Sprung posted this today.  Why was George McClellan - the 1864 Democratic candidate - a disaster trying to happen as Richard Slotkin shows in The Long Road to Antietam?  Not just because reversing the emancipation proclamation would undermine the slaves flight from their masters which W.E.B. duBois called "the general strike" in Black Reconstruction.  But also because there were not enough white soldiers to defeat the south as Lincoln points out below.  - GWC  Abraham Lincoln: African Americans secured their own liberation | xpostfactoid:
"But, Mr. President," his friend objected, "General McClellan is in favor of crushing out this rebellion by force. He will be the Chicago candidate." "Sir, the slightest knowledge of arithmetic will prove to any man that the rebel armies cannot be destroyed by Democratic strategy. It would sacrifice all the white men of the North to do it. There are now in the service of the United States nearly one hundred and fifty thousand able-bodied colored men, most of them under arms, defending and acquiring Union territory. The Democratic strategy demands that these forces be disbanded, and that the masters be conciliated by restoring them to slavery.... You cannot conciliate the South if you guarantee to them ultimate success; and the experience of the present war proves their successes inevitable if you fling the compulsory labor of millions of black men into their side of the scale.... Abandon all the posts now garrisoned by black men, take one hundred and fifty thousand men from our side and put them in the battle-field or corn-field against us, and we would be compelled to abandon the war in three weeks.... My enemies pretend I am now carrying on this war for the sole purpose of abolition. So long as I am President it shall be carried on for the sole purpose of restoring the Union. But no human power can subdue this rebellion without the use of the emancipation policy and every other policy calculated to weaken the moral and physical forces of the rebellion.... Let my enemies prove to the country that the destruction of slavery is not necessary to a restoration of the Union. I will abide the issue."

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