Sunday, March 3, 2013

Top British Cardinal Admits Inappropriate “Sexual Conduct”

Catholic Cardinal Keith O'Brien
Cardinal Keith O'Brien, Scottish Archbishop and would-be reformer
has resigned admitting breaches of celibacy vow.
Top British Cardinal Admits Inappropriate “Sexual Conduct”: In a sad commentary on Church affairs Cardinal Keith O'Brien, the highest ranking Catholic in the U.K. has resigned, announcing that his "sexual conduct" has fallen below that expected of a priest, bishop and Cardinal". O'Brien had long called for the Church to reexamine its views on homosexuality, celibacy, and contraception - views he was required to renounce when he was named a Cardinal.  Now he has admitted his homosexuality and declared he will retire and play no further role in the public life of the Church.  Unfortunately he is just the sort of person the Church needs today.  - GWC
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