Monday, March 11, 2013

On Questioning the Jewish State -

Family, band, clan, tribe, nation.  It seems to be a natural, logical progression.  It certainly is historically descriptive.  But in America we claim (at least formally) that we know no tribe, caste, etc.,  that we are all Americans by birth, or attachment to the idea that we all are equal or welcome, or love freedom, etc.  We promise equal protection to all.  The UMass philosopher Joseph Levine here questions the idea of a tribal state - Israel - whose reasons for being are painfully clear to anyone who remembers what must not be forgotten - the Nazis and the Holocaust. - gwc
On Questioning the Jewish State -
by Joseph Levine, UMass
"There is an unavoidable conflict between being a Jewish state and a democratic state. I want to emphasize that there’s nothing anti-Semitic in pointing this out, and it’s time the question was discussed openly on its merits, without the charge of anti-Semitism hovering in the background...."
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