Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Why I never considered running for office

My 18 months as a surrogate speaker for the Mondale campaign, and member of the Platform Committee of the DNC gave me delusions of grandeur.  I could see my name in lights, as I punched and counterpunched in debates before local Democratic clubs, at friendly fundraisers, at the Platform Committee meetings in D.C., and delivering talking points - given me by Madeleine Albright - to meetings of state delegations during the San Francisco nominating convention of 1984.  
But those same glory days also gave me a glimpse of the life of an M.C.  The following two slides - from a DCCC presentation to new members of the House of Representatives - illustrate why I never took a step in the direction of elective office. - GWC
call timecall time2

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