Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Passion for social justice leads Bridget McCormack to Michigan Supreme Court | The Detroit News |

Bridget McCormack is leaving U-M for the high court after a campaign that used videos featuring “West Wing” actors.
Clinical Associate Dean Bridget McCormack outside U. Michigan Law School is headed to state Supreme Court
Bridget McCormack was raised in Plainifeld, New Jersey, and heads up the clinical program a the University of Michigan Law School,  Or did.  She'll be donning robes as a newly elected Associate Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court - a position she won in an intensely fought election in which $10 million was spent in the Supreme Court races. - GWC
  Passion for social justice leads Bridget McCormack to Michigan Supreme Court | The Detroit News |
Ann Arbor — Bridget McCormack, 46,  was in middle school when she came home to find a stranger in the house. A woman who was beaten and bruised from domestic violence was sleeping on the family couch."My mother had some shelter she was a volunteer in and took her in to live with us for some period of time," McCormack recalled in a recent interview. "Back then, I don't remember the words 'domestic violence' exactly, but we knew this woman wasn't safe to go home, and she was going to live with us."McCormack saidthe experience opened her young eyes to the importance of social justice and fairness."That story had a powerful effect on me, and I (realized) my mother was someone who was committed to … figuring out how to give back and improveyour community."That experience helped shape McCormack, 46, who will be sworn to the Michigan Supreme Court on Jan. 1 after winning in one of the most bitter and costly Supreme Court races in memory. McCormack was nominated for the nonpartisan eight-year position by the state Democratic Party.GOP-backed Justices Stephen Markman and Brian Zahra were re-elected to the court, maintaining the 4-3 conservative majority on the bench.

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