Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pennsylvania admits: no cases of voter fraud

Viviette Applewhite - plaintiff

It has become an article of modern conservative faith that Democrats are practitioners of voter fraud.  This presumably happens in those reputedly late reporting Democratic (and Black) precincts of Chicago, Philadelphia, and other cities.  Thirty years ago when James Florio ran for Governor of New Jersey the Republican National Committee tapped a racist Newark pol Anthony Imperiale to organize a "ballot security task force" to suppress the Black vote.  That yielded a permanent injunction against the RNC issued by federal District Judge Dickinson Debevoise.  The consent order was recently upheld by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.
The most recent efforts to hold down urban votes are legislative voter ID requirements.  In the ACLU's lawsuit challenge to Pennsyvania's law, Applewhite v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the state has now admitted in a stipulation that it knows of no cases of fraudulent voting - not in Pennsylania, not anywhere.

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