Friday, July 20, 2012

Gun control after Colorado: will anyone have the courage to say it?

Site of the Aurora massacre

Many friends of mine "believe" in the right to have a gun.  It is a gut, somewhat paranoid, feeling of right.  Sometimes linked to self-defense, or protection from government tyranny.  But let's look at the odds.  How are they used?  Killing wives and girlfriends is at the top of the list, followed  by robberies and mass murders like the Dark Knight massacre in in Colorado.  The Supreme Court has bought into all of this.  Will anyone now have the courage to say it's madness and delusion?
The know-it-alls are already pronouncing the futility of law - that even the most restrictive gun laws would not have stopped this (let's name names: David Brooks and Eugene Volokh).  And there will be more massacres: the Brady campaign has this 62 page list of mass shootings since 1965 (not yet including Aurora).  Of course there are a lot of guns.  That doesn't mean that more guns don't add to the danger.  If a "well regulated militia is essential to the security of a free state" then where are the regulations?  Why assault weapons?  Why not limit purchases?  Why not ask why so many in America - and have the courage to give an honest answer?  Frankly I do not feel my freedom is enhanced by the fact that so many citizens have guns.
Update: The Monkey Cage cites a Gallup poll as evidence of declining gun ownership:

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