Thursday, April 26, 2012

Emancipate the Entitlement Plantation | GOPlifer | a blog

Chris Ladd, like David Frum, preaches rational Republicanism.  He does it in Texas.  Brave man. - GWC
Emancipate the Entitlement Plantation | GOPlifer | a blog:
by Chris Ladd
 "It takes serious chutzpah, supported by a generous dose of bigotry, to vehemently defend Medicare and the mortgage interest deduction while ranting about an entitlement culture.  In their “outreach” to black communities, Tea Party figures like Allen West decry a plantation mentality that keeps African-Americans voting for Democrats.  They claim that blacks are chained to government programs that keep them poor.

Where do affluent suburbanites fit on this plantation?  What’s keeping the oppressed white folk from throwing off the chains of their flex cards and free Rascal scooters?  Liberation, by this definition, is best for the other guy.

Congress is beginning to flirt with the Simpson-Bowles plan which would trim entitlements in every direction.  It’s time for the public to get behind it.  We can’t keep paying for this lifestyle.  For a long list of reasons we need to make real Bill Clinton’s hollow claim that “the age of big government is over.”

I’m ready to leave this plantation.  You go first"

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