Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How John Kennedy Looked from Bay Ridge in 1960 - NYTimes.com

How John Kennedy Looked from Bay Ridge in 1960 - NYTimes.com:
by Gerald Howard
As is well known, even notorious by now, the Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum recently stated that he “almost threw up” after reading John F. Kennedy’s famous 1960 campaign speech on the proper relation between church and state in American politics. Santorum has become the most highly visible face of culturally and politically conservative Catholicism as a result of this and other statements. A cradle Catholic myself, I was moved to re-read that speech and as a result I didn’t “almost” cry – I flat out cried. Cried in gratitude to J.F.K. and his speechwriter Ted Sorensen for being so transcendentally right and for erasing, with some 1,500 well-chosen words, a vile cloud of suspicion that had hung over our nation’s Catholics.

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