Monday, February 20, 2012

So You Think You Want to Run for Office… | GOPlifer | a blog

Chris Ladd comments on the plight of the rationalist Republican thinking seriously of running for office for the first time - in today's Republican Party. He passes it up when he realizes that he has to pacify a group that is so OOT that rational dialog is not an option. How, Ladd asks, can reasonable candidates break the grip of the crazies? It is an important question.
The great judges of the civil rights era were Republicans. Has that tradition been irretrievably lost? I've been on the political left all my adult life: but I believe in the yin/yang. It is natural that some people emphasize the need for individual responsibility, others emphasize social responsibility. These characteristics underlie the liberal/conservative split. But the universe of discourse of the Republican Party has moved so far to the right that its viability as a national party is in serious doubt. - GWC
So You Think You Want to Run for Office… | GOPlifer | a blog: "The GOP activists want to know how Joe’s going to stop “Agenda 21” and prevent the replacement of the US Dollar with the Amero. They ask whether he has the courage to stop liberals from training our schoolchildren to be gay. They want to know whether he’s gullible enough to believe that the ‘document’ Obama released is actually his birth certificate.

Will he send troops to the border to halt the ongoing Mexican invasion of America? Will he stop the TSA from sexually molesting airline passengers? Is he prepared to fight Obama’s plans to take dictatorial powers? And so on. And so on. And so on."

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