Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Better Late Than Never | Commonweal magazine

E.J. Dionne, the ubiquitous representative of liberal Catholicism explains in his usual careful way why liberal Catholics objected to the original contraception exemption as too narrow. And why liberal Catholics remain attached to the Church: its prodigious work in service of others. - GWC
Better Late Than Never | Commonweal magazine:
by E.J. Dionne
"One other thing about culture wars: One side typically has absolutely no understanding of what the other is trying to say.
That is why the battle over whether religious institutions should be required to cover contraception under the new health-care law was so painful -- and why it was so hard to comprehend why President Barack Obama, who has been a critic of culture wars for so long, did not try to defuse this explosive question from the beginning.
It's also why he was right, finally, to reach a compromise that respected the legitimate concerns of each side. He should have done this at the outset, but far better late than never.
That so many liberal Catholics supported the church's core claim surprised both Catholic conservatives and more secular liberals. There are lessons here, and that includes lessons for Obama"......

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