Saturday, January 7, 2012

The G.O.P.’s ‘Black People’ Platform -

Charles Blow points out that it's race-baiting time because it's voting time. The Republican Party has in the past 40 years repudiated its venerable role as the party of Lincoln. Now the contest is on to tip toe up to the line - signal resentment of the lazy (especially black) people who want welfare not work. At the high end it's Mitt Romney denouncing President Obama as the apostle of an "entitlement society", not an "opportunity society". It is facially neutral but disparate in impact. 

Blow points out:

Kevin Phillips, who popularized the right’s “Southern Strategy,” was quoted in The New York Times Magazine in May 1970 as saying that “the more Negroes who register as Democrats in the South, the sooner the Negrophobe whites will quit the Democrats and become Republicans.”
The G.O.P.’s ‘Black People’ Platform -

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